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Nov 30, 2012 3:00pm PST
investigations shed light on the nature of the roman family and the surprising role of slaves. who do we live with and why ? what can these ancient families tell us about our own families ? around the world, archaeologists are looking far beyond the palaces and temples into the households of common people, bringing families to life out of the past. come forward all the way. oooh ! that's it. good. hold on me. come forward. ease the baby out with little pushes. come on. you can do it. beautiful ! the baby's coming up to you. waaahh ! keach: every newborn child immediately confronts three basic needs -- food, shelter and education. in the beginning, these needs are met at home. but in industrial societies, that soon changes. teacher: times three... we educate our children in schools. how would you read this number ? 21,000. you're getting these two a little mixed up from the example before. we earn our daily bread in offices, and we buy it in markets. but in many cultures, the household is still the most basic unit of society, where people spend most of their days, producing what they need
Nov 5, 2012 7:00am EST
. we are live in every key battleground state. >> i'm christine romans, and this, this is the only map that will count. the electoral college. the race to 270. eight states are still up for grabs. they're yellow here with hours to go. we're going to look at the road each candidate's got to take to get that magic number. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. one week since hurricane sandy and many victims saying they will get to the polls, come hell or high water. or in this case, both. but where will their polling places be? the scramble on the east coast ahead. >> this morning stephanie cutter from the obama campaign is going to be joining us, pennsylvania senator pat toomey is our guest, maryland congressman chris van hollen will be with us. arizona senator john mccain, the former white house press secretary bill burton and former treasury secretary larry summers all joining us this morning. and former mccain campaign adviser mark mckinney is with us. it's monday, november 5th, and a special edition of "starting point" live from the nation's capital begins right now. welcome, everybody. in 24
Nov 7, 2012 1:00am PST
cnn's christine romans at the magic wall for more on that. >> okay, let's look at it. how did he do in 2012, the exit polls. the youth vote, 33 to 44-year-olds, solidly in the president's corner. then mitt romney got strength, 51% of 51 to 64-year-olds. for the people 65 and older, 56% to 44%. look at the youth vote, 60% of people ages 18 to 29 went for mitt romney. this was a good turnout for the president. >> the youth vote grew in terms of the overall vote from 2008, which is a big deal. >> this is what 2008 looked like for the president. the president took all three of the categories. john mccain did well in 65 and older. let's move to the other part of the coalition that the president has built. 72% of voters were white. of those 59 -- look at the 29-point lead from romney among white voters, but that didn't matter and here's why. the president had solid support from african-americans and the latino vote was 10%. double digits for the first time in history for latinos. 71% of latino voters chose the president. >> a lot of questions about whether to turn out the african-american vo
FOX News
Nov 24, 2012 1:00am PST
>> reporter: john's revelation was received through angels while held captive by the romans for preaching the gospels. jews were also at odds with their rulers. >> it was so unlivable on this earth with conquerors and economic. everything was going wrong. >> a biblical scholar that studies ancient writings. >> what do they turn to this thought because they can't find meaning there. the human can't exist with some kind of hope. >> just over 60 years ago the dedicated sea scrolls were discovered. earliest copies of bible were discovered called the essenes. >> they were copied here. earliest copies are here. >> ten commandments were among the documents. >> for people living here believe they were living in the end time. >> the professor also a dead sea school are show where they were discovered. >> the world here ended in doom because you had an invincible army. roman army. >> the romans destroyed the temple, more than a million jews were killed. >> they are trying to give meaning to their suffering and the book of revelation can do that for every generation. >> reporter: we visite
Nov 7, 2012 7:30pm PST
roman catholicism is confession- those of you who are from that tradition know that here's a ritual possibility for going through and confessing- and that relieves you, brings you back into harmony. so what may be missing in our society- you know, the thing that may be creating such negativity from an ethical point of view- is, you know, first, we may not have any clear definition of what obligation and responsibility entails. that leaves open a wide range of one person's dissonance is another person's good time- you know, you have that kind of element going on. and then finally, how do you- what means do we have? you know, i'm thinking about- you've seen the things in the paper about the super maximum security prisons; i mean, solitary confinement- is this the way to go? punishment- all these issues raise up. now the question is, in a religiously diverse society, how do we go about doing this kind of thing? we've all had experiences of this, of guilt coming on. i remember when i was a kid- perhaps you did something like this; you know, seven, eight years old, nine years old, i don'
Nov 19, 2012 9:00pm PST
earlier tour, he was visiting roman ruins at one of the tourist sites in libya. he was trailed by gadhafi security men who were obviously intimidating to other tourists. as she recounted it, he reached over to one of the men, stole his camera out of his hands and started taking pictures of the men who had been following him. they were so dumbfounded that they had to laugh. after a quick conversation, chris convinced them to stand down. from a colleague at the embassy in tripoli i learned chris had a humble style of diplomacy libyans responded to after he became ambassador and returned to tripoli, the embassy posted a photo, ordering a juice in a cafe. that went viral because libyans were amazed at the site of a senior government official doing mundane activities without a huge entourage and demanding vip treatment. chris had a great knowledge of libyan history and culture. he would often crack jokes with government counter parts. not just in arabic but in the libyan dialect, which the libyans loved to hear him speak. another told me when i saw him in may as newly appointed ambassa
Nov 5, 2012 4:00am PST
junkies have been playing all weekend. the electoral college calculator. i'm with christine romans and the magic wall. >> number is 270. the red states are considered states for romney. the blue considered for the president. these yellow are the swing states. the quickest pay for obama to get to 270. needs to take iowa, needs to take wisconsin, needs to take ohio, and that gets him there fast. 270. let's take these back and show you the quickest ray for romney to get to 270. he's got to take florida, he's got to take virginia. he's got to take ohio. that gets him to 266. that means he just needs maybe like the four votes in new hampshire. he could take iowa, although that one has been leaning forward the president. the quickest way for obama, iowa, wisconsin, ohio. the fastest way for romney, florida, virginia, ohio, then he just needs one more state. >> the problem for mitt romney is the quickest way includes ohio, which means polling consistently behind there. without ohio he's got to take a lot more of those yellow states right now. >> and that's why we keep talking about ohio all past
Nov 20, 2012 8:30pm PST
is the big demographic imperative. i was reviewing one of my favorite books on the roman republic. how did this village on the tiber grow to be the absolute leader of the known world in a few hundred years? it expanded its territory by plunder, by what ever. details. it was not pretty. [laughter] it added people, it kept getting bigger and incorporated the people and to roman citizenship. it became very consolidated, expanding group of energetic people. and they'll work. they were not just a bunch of talkers, they were doing. -- there were doers. -- they were doers. we have to consolidate on this. we have to find the common path that will enable us to make the investments and undergo the sacrifice that is required because it is not all ice cream and cake here. you have to curtail consumption. whether it is a business or household. in terms of -- the free sector. it is still the same game. looking out for the future, saving for tomorrow and investing that savings and. that is what we have to do. i think it is a tough order of this matter of innovation is part of it. but also gettin
Nov 30, 2012 11:00am PST
francisco causing a traffic headache. tomas roman is on that street. -- >> reporter: we are on buchanan crews have been chopping up this tree trying to open lanes of pine street here near buchanan the tree fell over 9:15 this morning. residents we spoke to say it sounded like a huge thud blocked all three lanes of pine beautiful buchanan landed on this mercedes whose owner told us she bought the car three months ago. the tree looks to have shallow roots which is common for this type of tree. it also makes it vulnerable to high winds. we spoke to the owner of that mercedes, she said she called the city to find out if the city owns the tree and is liable for the damage? the city told her, her insurance company will have to find out. toe man roman, abc7 news. >>> -- sonoma county, katie marzullo in petaluma that was under a flash flood warning for hours. >> reporter: this morning there was. this is willowbrook creek, two things, one how hard the rain is coming down and how high the water is flowing in this creek. if you want to know what it normally looks like here you have to ask someone
Nov 2, 2012 2:00am PDT
call right now. christine romans is going to have a look at it. christine? >> let's talk about what we are expecting in the final economic report before tuesday. in three and a half hours, we'll find out what happens for jobs and the unemployment rate. the expectation is the unemployment rate is 7.9%, picking up slightly with 125,000 jobs added in the month. the trend, though, is what is so important here, right? sometimes you get a little in the month. the trend is what's important. 7.8% was the unemployment rate when the president took office. last month, he's back to where he started. february, 2009, that's the stimulus. then the unemployment rate rise up to 10% in october, 2009 as the stimulus money was being deployed. stubbornly high unemployment. then drifting lower much of this year. we can look at job creation and you can see how jobs have been added now since the end of 2010 consistently, but not robustly. this is where the arguments come about the job market. has it been strong enough? no. who is at fault and what can fix it? that's what voters decide on tuesday. >> it's t
Nov 30, 2012 11:30am PST
san francisco causing a traffic headache. tomas roman is on that street. -- >> reporter: we are on buchanan crews have been chopping up this tree trying to open lanes of pine street here near buchanan the tree fell over 9:15 this morning. residents we spoke to say it sounded like a huge thud blocked all three lanes of pine beautiful buchanan landed on this mercedes whose owner told us she bought the car three months ago. the tree looks to have shallow roots which is common for this type of tree. it also makes it vulnerable to high winds. we spoke to the owner of that mercedes, she said she called the city to find out if the city owns the tree and is liable for the damage? the city told her, her insurance company will have to find out. toe man roman, abc7 news. >>> -- sonoma county, katie marzullo in petaluma that was under a flash flood warning for hours. >> reporter: this morning there was. this is willowbrook creek, two things, one how hard the rain is coming down and how high the water is flowing in this creek. if you want to know what it normally looks like here you have to ask
Nov 5, 2012 5:00am EST
battleground state. >> and in the end, this is the only math that counts. i'm christine romans. looking to the race to the states. we'll take a look at the road that each candidate can take to get to that magic number. >> it's been one week since hurricane sandy forever changed the east coast and so many lives along it with. the recovery effort and how the storm is impacting polling stations. that's coming up. >> we've got a packed show for you this morning, four hours. among our guests, rob portman will be joining us, maryland congressman chris van hollen, pat tomby, arizona senator john mccain is with us. former treasury secretary larry summers is our guest. obama campaign deputy manager stephanie cutter, former white house press secretary bill burden all joining us this morning. and we're counting down the final hours of a marathon battle for the white house, just too close to call today. this morning after 17 months of campaigning and $3 billion spent, it has come down to this. a brand new cnn/orc vote of likely voters released last night shows that mitt romney and president obama are
Nov 6, 2012 5:00am EST
campaign trail extended. i'm christine romans. governor romney will keep pressing with two stops in the battlegrounds while president obama shoots hoops, an election day tradition. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. the immense damage from hurricane sandy forcing an election day scramble. people voting by e-mail and different polling stations and in some cases literally moving the earth to have their voices heard. >> joining us throughout the morning, congressman randy forbes of virginia, delaware governor jack markell, jim clyburn, obama campaign senior adviser david axelrod, bob mcdonald, ted strickland and bob shrum, a democratic consult and the who worked on the kerry and gore campaigns. special election coverage here on cnn begins right now. >>> it is up to the american people right now. good morning and welcome to our special edition of "early start." we have complete 4ri6 coverage of election day 2012. over the past 17 months we've watched two campaign spend a combined $3 billion, two candidates duel it out in three dramatic debates, all trying to win your vote. now more than 1 mil
Nov 28, 2012 2:00am PST
of them unconvinced. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christie romans in for john on assignment. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. 5:00 a.m. on the east. half a million bucks, what do you think? are you in yet? the powerball jackpot tonight is the second largest in lottery history. that's a lot of office pools. we are in on it over here and have defied serious odds to get here. 16 consecutive powerball rollovers without a winner yet. and that streak is likely to end really soon. a lottery official calculates a 5% chance no one will win tonight if sales spike as they are expected to. and if you do happen to win the cash value of the jackpot, it now stands at 324 million dollars. but time for a quick reality check, your odds of winning are 175 million to 1. alison kosik closely monitoring powerball fever is live from new york's times square this morning. the odds are not good but the fever is really high, isn't it, alison? >> reporter: it is. we walked into this convenient store here in times square and you see the advertising over my shoulder near the convenient store, but you
Nov 7, 2012 5:00am EST
? christine romans at the magic wall. >> we are talking to you about the swing states. in the end, the president took all of them. here is nevada with its six electoral votes. he took nevada. he took colorado. paul ryan spent a lot of time in colorado really hoping that the republicans have been hoping to get that and they didn't. there's iowa. wisconsin. ohio with its 18. new hampshire. then florida. we are still waiting for. that's how the president got to 303. he needed 270. even though we have not called florida yet, mitt romney can't get over the top. >> right now the president is leading in the vote count in florida by miami-dade county as they suspended counting overnight. they will start counting in a few hours ago. the president is ahead there and could pick that up, too. >> these two states he lost. those are reliably republican territory until last time when the president turned them. he lost them this time but had all the swing states, 303 electoral votes. >> the president won north carolina by 14,000 votes four years ago. this time it was still pretty close. it was interes
Nov 26, 2012 2:00am PST
? because today is cyber monday. christine romans is here with more. some early holiday cheer for retailers. >> for retailers, yes. unless very smart, savvy shoppers took the deep discounts from the weekend and now they're done for the rest of the year, and then the retailers would not be so happy. also you're seeing this trend cannibalizing. you had more sales on thursday that height have taken a little bit of the euphoria out of black friday. and so now you're stretching basically the same amount or a little bit more spending over four days instead of the traditional three days. and also remember, $59.1 billion, record number of spending, that's up 13% from last year. this is according to the industry. the national retail federation. but last year, sales were up 15%. so that shows you it's not the barn-burner that it necessarily was last year. so who is going out and what in the world are they buying? this year they spent about $423 on average, according to the industry. and this is what they were spending it on. clothing and accessories, about 50%, toys, books, cds, dvds, video
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
roman catholics come out on this way and evangelicals on that way and the kind of meat it feels like an attack on their belief that they are not going to be allowed to believe what they have always believed and if we had a greater separation and clarification it would feel less so. the effect of the matter is nobody is required to marry anybody. i don't have to marry any couple, gay or straight and that's true of clergy across the board that hasn't changed with any of the marriage equal the the laws and we are finding it to be a really helpful strategy to restate that in the legislation even though it is already the law to ease people out of that fear. the other part of that is because it feels like an attack on religion, it seems to me that usually when we talk about separation of church and state we are afraid the state is going to impinge on the church but in this case we have the church impinging on the state. churches and synagogues and mosques saying don't do this, no marriage equality, when in fact it's the state's job to figure out what liberty and justice for all means
Nov 9, 2012 3:00pm PST
who made them a thousand years ago. on the other side of the world, in the ancient roman city of ostia, huge merchant ships were part of an economy much like our own. and today, the tanners of morocco still practice their ancient craft, living proof that economies have evolved out of the past. everyone who has ever lived has been part of an economic system. iel bote pesos! economic systems are simply the ways people produce, distribute and consume things -- everything and anything, from tortillas to stocks and bonds. for 10,000, 10,000 an eighth. today, as in the past, economic systems lie at the heart of how a society is organized. archaeologists search for these systems because they believe economies hold the key to understanding ancient societies. archaeologist william sanders. the economy of any given human group, any culture, is a powerful factor that affects the rest of that culture -- the social organization, the political institutions, even the ideology, the religion of a people. from my perspective, the economy of a group is one of the most powerful determinants o
FOX News
Nov 25, 2012 7:00pm PST
romans for preaching the gospel. jews were at odds with the pagan rulers who tried to destroy them during the first century. >> the majority of believers think it was so unlivable on this earth with conquerors. everything was going wrong. >> a biblical scholar studies ancient apocalyptic writings? >> they can't find mining here so they turn to apocalyptic thought. the human cannot exist without some kind of hope so the meaning has to be somewhere. >> the dead sea scrolls were kiss cov discovered. it was found from a stack of jews who copied the ancient manuscript in the first century. >> they were copied here. >> the people living here believe they were liing in the end tim-- living in the end tim. >> a dead sea scroll scholar showed us where they wrote their predictions. >> the world here in coupme ron ended in june of 1868 because you had an invincible army, roman army. >> the romans destroyed the temple. more than a million jews were killed. >> john is trying to reveal, give meaning to their suffering and to their difficulties. i think the book of revelation can do that in every
Nov 26, 2012 9:00am PST
methodist church, or you've got your roman catholic church. i have yet to pull through one of those small towns in mid illinois and find a daoist temple or a ramtha school of enlightenment annex - this kind of thing. not, so that's a key one, familiarity, tradition. other characteristics that? yes. >> one thing in this class, we deal with people seeking religion, seeking god. >> yes. >> and yet on the other hand there is the idea that god seeks man. rabbi heschel had a good book called "god in search of man." and just as abraham, god was always after-- in the bible. abraham through dreams and he says "no not me" and they reject it. that's a way of our god seeks people. and sometimes you may not be aware of it, but god will tap you. >> and in a way, how is that tapping done? in often times it comes with traditions in the culture that seems religious. so, that'd be another one. anything else, before we bounce down through this list that might make a religion more conventional? yes. >> i found from the things we have to study that culture and religion go together. that you will find th
Nov 17, 2012 4:00pm PST
part of the holy roman empire. he also established charles university, the first university in central europe. prague still attracts students from all over. >> it's my favorite city that i've been to in the world. and i love the architecture. i love the culture. i love how efficient public transportation is. >> he's right. getting around prague is easy. from trains to trams to horse-drawn carriages and river boats for sightseers. but most of all, it's a city for walking. there's so much to see and hear. [ small ensemble plays ] and you had better plan on exercise to work off the great food you find around every corner. a particular treat is a tasty pastry called "trdelnik." dough is rolled around a stick, heated, and then dusted with cinnamon. delicious! >> everybody should come to prague to see, like, remnants of communism. and it's great, 'cause it's a bridge between western and eastern europe. so, prague's, like, a really unique place in europe. >> while i was there, the city was mourning the death of its first freely elected president, vaclav havel. in 1989, he helped lead
Nov 30, 2012 2:00am PST
meet that person. >> good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. it's friday. >> happy friday. john berman is hosting "starting point" at 7:00. the middle east is getting ugly. insult and finger pointing in the fiscal cliff debate. tax rates spike and spending slashed. congress is breaking for the holidays in two weeks. it could send the economy spinning in directions. $1.6 trillion in tax hikes. he will travel to pennsylvania to sell it to you. republicans aren't buying it. listen to house speaker, john boehner. >> despite the claims the president supports a balanced approach, the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. >> democrats are firing right back at boehner. harry reid getting a little personal. >> i don't understand his brain, so you should ask him. okay? >> ouch. athena jones live from washington. same old same old. where do we go from here? >> that's the big question. the nice talk after the election is pretty much gone away. you mentioned one of the big sticking points, that's taxes. republicans and democrats can't agree on how
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am EST
minutes after the hour. a lot going on this morning. christine romans here with the headlines. >> tensions threatening to erupt into an all-out war. israel targeting what it calls hamas terror sites in gaza. at least three people have been killed by rocket fire. the new hostility escalated by an israel air strike. >>> jon bon jovi's 19-year-old daughter is recovering at a hospital this morning after overdosing on heroin. authorities say stephanie was found unresponsive yesterday at her hotel room -- i'm sorry, her dorm in hamilton college in upstate new york. she and fellow students were -- and a fellow tune were charged with drug possession. stephanie is the oldest of jon bon jovi's four daughters. >> it's the beginning of the end for the twilight franchise. breaking dawn premieres tonight. critics say this is the fifth, maybe the best of all the twilight zones. it's been described as a love letter to all those twi-hards who apparently are everywhere. speaking of vampires, later on starting point, elizabeth reaser pl plays the die hard of the twihard clan. >> do you like the
Nov 9, 2012 2:00am PST
. he's christine romans with this morning's top stories. >> good morning. now that the election is over, president obama shifting his focus to the looming fiscal cliff. the president delivers a big speech on the economy this afternoon. he wants the bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy to expire. but house speaker john boehner tells abc news, quote, raising tax rates is unacceptable. just 53 days left for the lame duck congress toe get a deal done. retiring senator olympia snowe not sounding overly confident a compromise can be reached. the maine republican is pleading with her party to find middle ground on a new spending ground. but she tells anderson cooper she don't like where things are headed. >> the more we prolong the uncertainty and unpredictability the more we're going to invite or trigger a financial crisis. but the uncertainty is certainly a dangerous -- it's dangerous and we're in unchartered waters. >> because of the dysfunction, the gridlock in washington. >>> a u.s. border patrol agent who died last month in a shooting near the arizona/mexico border, he was killed by a gunsh
Nov 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
impact on the presidential race. christine romans is watching this very closely. let's talk about jobs in america right now. >> all right, jobs in america right now. we're expecting, you know, 7.9% for the unemployment rate. 125,000 jobs created overall. and what you're going to hear a lot of people talk about, especially on the republican side, is the underemployment rate. this is sometimes called the real employment rate. it's 14.7%. this is people who are unemployed. people who are discouraged. people who have stopped looking for work in the past year but would look if they thought that there was something out there for them. and people who are employed part-time for economic reasons. you hear sometimes the real unemployment rate of 14.7%. but it still depends on where you live, quite frankly. and across the country in the swing states, the differences are pretty dramatic. you look at nevada, for example. 11.8% unemployment. look at colorado. it has 8% unemployment. you look at some of the other swing states where the unemployment rate has been drifting lower. ohio, for example
Nov 28, 2012 4:00am PST
, welcome back to "starting point," i'm christine romans. minding your business this morning, home prices are recovering in much of the country. new home sales numbers come out today. we learned yesterday home prices posted their biggest gains in more than two years in the third quarter. these are the five cities with the strongest gains in the past year. home prices in phoenix gained 20%. minneapolis prices rose almost 9%. only two big cities last value in new york and chicago. >>> another apple maps executive is losing his job. according to bloomberg business week richard williamson who oversaw the maps unit is out. comes after the heads of the operating system lost his job last month over complaints about the maps software, including embarrassments like misplacing the washington monument. quick market check for you -- >> lives in washington, right? u.s. stock futures are down, greece bailout is behind us so for the time being the focus is back on fiscal cliff and the state of the u.s. economy. >>> other top stories for you this morning, former senator and presidential candidate bob dol
Nov 19, 2012 2:00am PST
unwavering federal support. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> good morning, christine. good morning, everybody. i'm alina cho. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. thanks so much for being with us on this very, very early monday morning. >> it is early. but up first, the bombings and the bloodshed on the rise in gaza. the last day has been the deadliest. 11 civilians, including four children, killed by an israeli missile that leveled a two-story home in gaza city. there's no letup in sight to the violence. representatives of israel and hamas are in egypt separately for peace talks. hamas issuing its demand for a cease-fire. they want israel to end a long-running military blockade of gaza immediately. the carnage from the last 24 hours, arwa damon is in gaza city. >> reporter: the large slab of concrete and mangled metal finally gives way. buried beneath it, another lifeless body. it's the second child we've seen. there was also a baby. others in the neighborhood say the blast killed all ten people who lived here. israel says it was targeting a man who heads a
Nov 8, 2012 5:00am EST
this morning. >> the markets had a rough day yesterday. chris teens romans here to explain this big selloff. is there an explanation? >> can you see the sectors reacting to a second obama administration. let me show you what it looked like, 313 points, the first dow close below 13,000 in three months. that was the worst day of the year. more than 2% down. when i talk about the internals of the market, i'm talking about banks, insurers, cole companies, energy companies, they fell because, in fact, they think they're going to have higher costs. the markets think they're going to have higher costs in a second obama administration. you saw some obama care related stocks like hospitals up on the assumption that obama care is now secure. the internals showed us how investors in different sectors were reacting to a second obama presidency. but there were also concerns over europe and the fiscal cliff and the fact that now you have this election out of the way, you still have the very big problems still facing us. debt crisis, markets started to turn yesterday when mario drogy made some com
Nov 9, 2012 12:00pm EST
velshi and christine romans in the house, our money team. we have wolf blitzer and chief political analyst claire borger in washington, and jessica yellin. she is actually at the white house making her way into the east room where she is going to be covering that statement. wolf, i want to start off with you. this event in the east room, there will be middle class foilgs behind him. these are the folks that would be impacted by a tax increase. he is notts taking any questions. they already won. this is not a campaign event here. if this is really about governing, why do you think we are seeing this kind of setup here, which really looks more like a rally and not necessarily a press conference. >> it's going to be really intense over the next six, seven yankees because the deadline is december 31st. the economics of the situation will deteriorate. there will be this fiscal cliff situation that will unfold. you saw john boehner out this morning. he was in a news conference. he was laying out his opening position in general terms. the president presumably will do the same thing with h
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